Patios & Walkways

Patio and Landscaping

Two of the most common needs in both new and established landscapes are enlarged outdoor seating areas and improved walkways. Whether your choice is traditional brick, natural stone, pavers, wood or composite decking, we can provide the materials, design and installation to match the ambiance you want for your patio or walkway.

Residential Walkway Landscape

The make-up of your patio can best be determined by the look and feel of your existing landscape. In other words, what will go best with your lawn, garden and home? We can help you decide. With flowers, ferns, shrubs and trees, we can even turn your patio into an “outdoor room” for relaxation.

With gentle curves and subtle changes in direction, walkways can easily guide traffic and help to create a more attractive and interesting setting. Ornamental plants, hedges and shrubs can be installed alongside walkways for added visual appeal and to help tie them into the existing landscape.

There are all sorts of options in walking surfaces, and the choice really depends on traffic flow. The more traffic you have, the more durable the walkway’s surface should be.

If you’re interested in a new patio or walkway for your property, call Environments today to arrange for a no-obligation consultation.